Your address at Cloudbridge

Reserva Cloudbridge
2 Km Este de Escuela
San Gerardo de Rivas
Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica 11904

Getting to Cloudbridge

Cloudbridge is near the village of San Gerardo de Rivas. (There are a number of other small villages in Costa Rica named San Gerardo, so be sure that if you take a taxi from San Jose, tell the driver you want San Gerardo de Rivas, in the province of Perez Zeledon.
If you are going directly from the airport to San Isidro del General, you can get a cab at the airport to the MUSOC bus terminal (approximately $25-$30) or you can take a bus from the airport to downtown San Jose, ask for a direct bus from the airport or Alajuela to downtown San Jose (about $4) just ask for the bus loading zone (parada de autobús) at the airport. If you are going to a hostel and departing the next morning, ask your hostel to get you a cab they trust or ask them for a direct bus to San Jose.

You will want to schedule your arrival in San Isidro before 1pm in order to catch the 2pm bus.
The bus is much more reasonable than a cab. There will be cabs at the MUSOC station, you can cab to the other bus station in San Isidro to catch the bus to San Gerardo for about 500 colones (approximately $1 at time of writing) or walk the 6-7 blocks.
(Ask for directions from locals).
NOTE: WE HAVE HAD VOLUNTEERS GET THEIR BAGS STOLEN OR THEIR POCKETS PICKED ON THE MUSOC BUS, STAY ALERT AND DON’T TRUST ANYONE. Genevieve suggests you buy two bus tickets so you can keep your bag on the seat next to you. The bus tickets are about $7 from San Jose to San Isidro.
Arriving at Cloudbridge: If you are coming up from San Isidro by bus we can meet the 2:00 bus if you email me so we can arrange to meet you in San Gerardo with the truck, otherwise it is a long uphill hike with your pack. The bus departs San Isidro at 5:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 8:00 PM, Monday-Saturday, 9:30AM, 2:00PM, 6:00PM Sundays, sharp.
If you are coming up by taxi: – if you are arriving by MUSOC do not take a ride from one of the guys shouting do you need a taxi/ride as you get off the bus, walk directly to the taxi stand, all legal taxis are red. Cost from San Isidro to San Gerardo – about $35-$40. It must be a 4X4 and even then they may not want to bring you all of the way up to Cloudbridge. You should be able to get a taxi to drive you to the Uran Hotel. The Hotel Uran is within 20 minutes’ walk of Cloudbridge, you can leave your luggage and hike up, (tell the staff you are a Volontario a Cloudbridge) and we can take the truck back later for your luggage. It would be helpful if you can email from San Isidro (from an Internet café) your approximate arrival time, so we could meet you.

Have a safe trip.

Hostels we have used in Alajuela:

Casa Tago (private rooms)
Alajuela Backpackers (dorm and private rooms)
Hotel Santamaria (private rooms)
Hotel Los Volcanes (private rooms)
Orquideas Inn (more upscale private rooms, out of town)

In San Jose:

Hostel Casa Del Parque (dorm and private rooms)
Costa Rica Backpackers Hostel (dorm and private rooms)


Caution: Please be aware as you are traveling that bed bugs are present in some hotels and hostels around the world. If you believe you have come into contact with them on your travels, please let the Manager know as soon as you arrive.  Do not go into any of our buildings and please leave your pack outside.  We will help you deal with them.

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