Genevieve (Jenny) Giddy – Co-founder and Owner

Originally from South Africa, Jenny founded Cloudbridge with her late husband, Professor Ian Giddy. She owns the Reserve and currently lives in upstate New York, USA and Vancouver, Canada. Prior to co-founding Cloudbridge she was a research librarian at Environment Canada.  Now retired, she provides talks about the Cloudbridge Reforestation and Conservation and also manages our charitable donations.


Jenny Giddy


Tom Gode – Reserve Director & Interim Manager

Tom guides the direction of the Reserve, oversees high-level management, and reviews volunteer and researcher applications. Tom is focused on improving access to, understanding of, and protection of the forest, old and new. Prior to joining Cloudbridge in 2006, he managed a large non-profit group in his home country, the US.  Tom has fostered successful relationships with many universities and educational organizations over the years, and this has greatly enriched the work at Cloudbridge.  He has volunteered and worked in tree planting, prairie restoration and volunteer organizations for the past 30+ years.


Tom Gode


Linda Moskalyk – Accommodations Manager, Resident Artist

Linda, a native of Saskatoon, Canada, joined the Cloudbridge team in 2010. Beyond being Cloudbridge’s resident artist and arborist, she also coordinates our cabin rentals. When she’s not caring for trees and gardens on the Reserve, she can often be found painting in her studio, where she creates multi-media works with conservation and environmental themes. Stop by to view her gallery or to discuss climate change and other environmental issues. Prior to joining the Cloudbridge team, she developed “Schools Plant Legacy in Trees” an educational forest initiative for local schools in Saskatoon.


Linda Moskalyk


Jennifer Powell, M.Sc. – Scientific Coordinator

Jennifer, a Canadian from Ontario, came to Cloudbridge in the fall of 2015 as an amphibian researcher, and never left. She now works to develop the scientific program at Cloudbridge, trains interns and coordinates research activities in the Reserve. Jennifer holds degrees in Zoology and Conservation Biology. Prior to joining the Cloudbridge team, she worked in a variety of biological positions including ten years at an environmental consulting company as their field biology specialist.


Jenn Powell


Edgar Madrigal Fallas - Maintenance Staff

Edgar has been part of the Cloudbridge staff since 2013.   Growing up in San Gerardo area, he has a keen knowledge of the local history, flora and fauna.  With expertise in maintenance, Edgar works incredibly hard helping keep our grounds, trails, and buildings beautiful for our guests and residents.   He helps with our reforestation projects, day to day projects and any new projects we are lucky enough to get funding for. Quick on his feet, he also helps solve day-to-day hurdles, like the micro-hydroelectricity system maintenance or outwitting that cunning coati.

Edgar Fallas


Oscar Valverde - Maintenance Staff

Oscar joined the Cloudbridge maintenance staff in 2015 and is also a native of San Gerardo area.  He is responsible for clearing and maintaining our vast network of trails, our beautiful memorial garden, and the grounds surrounding our accommodation.   If you don’t find him there, he is probably setting up one of our new reforestation areas or working on any number of on-going projects.

Oscar Valverde


In Memoriam:

Dr. Ian Giddy, Founder of Cloudbridge, 18th January 1948 – 14th June 2009

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Volunteers and Researchers

Our extended team includes the many researchers, volunteers and interns who have contributed to our growing body of knowledge about the flora, fauna and recovery of the cloud forest. To see some of our researchers’ contributions, visit our Publications section.

Join our Team!

There are many ways you can get involved. Check out the Volunteer/Research section for more information.


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