Botanical Studies

An Assessment of Moss Recovery in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest
by Ian and Genevieve Giddy, 2004-2007

Determinates of Canopy Epiphyte Abundance in a Primary Lower Montane Cloud Forest in Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica

by Debbie L. Valliere and Dario A. Elliott, 2007

Do Sympatric Heliconias Attract the Same Species of Hummingbird? Observations on the Pollination Ecology of Heliconia beckneri and H. tortuosa at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve

by Joseph Taylor, University of Glasgow, 2005

Flowering Bromeliads of the Chirripo National Park Region
by Cara Wolinsky, 2004

Gunnera at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve
by Clarice Esch, Western Kentucky University, 2012

Mycorrhizal Density Differences in a Costa Rican Reforestation Project
by Reana Carr, Cornell University, 2005

Sampling and identification of the flora of a cloud forest reserve in Costa Rica
by Jacqueline Z. Medrano, Arizona State University, 2007

Ecology, Geology, Meteorology, & Hydrology Studies

An Analysis of the Dissolved Oxygen and Volume Flow in Jilguero Stream, Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica
by Kailen Gilde, 2011

A Preliminary Study of Stream Chemistry on the Rio Chirripó Pacifico from the Chirripo National Park to Canaan, Costa Rica
by Joanna Souers, 2004

Biomonitoring of Habitat Recovery
by Kate Moss, John Tingerthal, and Cathy Scudieri et al.,  2004 – Present

Chirripó Valley Land Use Study – Watershed Analysis/ Análisis de Cuenca Hidrográfico, San Gerardo de Rivas, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica – A study facilitated by Cloudbridge Nature Reserve/ Una investigación facilitada por la Reserva Cloudbridge
by Sebastian Gonzalez Culbreth. (Water quality analyses by Tom Newman), 2007

Cloudbridge Water Monitoring Study
by Joanna Souers, 2004 – Present

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Studies and Maps of Cloudbridge
by John Tingerthal, Sebastian Culbreth, Jessican Schwartz, Tom Gode, et al., 2007 – Present

Geology and Hydrology of a Costa Rican Cloud Forest
by Emily Davis, 2009

Photomonitoring of Habitat
by Kate Moss, John Tingerthal, and Cathy Scudieri, et al., 2004 – Present

Rainfall and Temperature, 2006 – Present

Soil & Water Assessment Tool: A Proposed Study

Soil Types and Fundamental Soil Properties of a Costa Rican Tropical Montane Cloud Forest
by Charles Schembre, 2009

Water Quality Studies Proposal
Forestry Studies

Forestry Studies

Evaluation of the Suitability of Certain Tree Species and Silvicultural Approaches for the establishment of restoration areas of a Montane Oak Cloud Forests of Costa Rica
by Stephan Lehmann 2014 (in German with a English P. 188 and Spanish P.200 summary)

An Evaluation of Forestry Methods at Cloudbridge: Comparison with commonly used and recommended forestry methods in tropical forests, especially in Costa Rica
by Olli Isotupa, 2005

Cloud Forest Recovery – Evaluation at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica
by Michiel Spek and Tijmen Hoogendijk, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, 2011

Ecological Restoration of a Cloud Forest in Costa Rica
by Stephan Lehmann, 2006 – Present

Land Use at Cloudbridge and Vicinity
by Jessica Schwartz, 2004

Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity at the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica, Interim Project Report
by Ivo Polach, M.Sc. Marco Antonio Otarola Rojas, Smithsonian Institution Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program & Herbarium of Universidad Nacional Heredia, 2004

Reforestation Monitoring Study
by Kate Moss, 2003-Present

The Succession of Pasture Land into Original Cloud Forest – In the pre-mountain area of Costa Rica
by Matthijs Bol and Dennis Vroomen, 2008

Tree Monitoring and Growth Analysis at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve (Forestry Economics and a Comparison of the Growth of Tropical Tree Species in the First Three Years of Growth)
by Stephan Lehmann, University of Dresden, 2007

Tree Species Identification, Abundance, and Distribution at Cloudbridge
by Robert Fraser, 2005

Land Use and Social Context

Sustainable Use of Forest Resources (Forest management, the importance of forest products and the utilization of certain tree species in agro-forestry systems by local small farmers in the San Gerardo de Rivas area of Costa Rica)
by Angelika Stoll, 2006

Zoological Studies – Amphibian

Herpetofauna survey secondary and primary forest
by Jasper van Kessel

Assessing the Species Composition Abundance of Anurans in Secondary Tropical Forests by Yan-Yee Lau, 2011-2012

A Survey of Anuran Distribution in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest
by Toby Jacobs, James Madison University, 2007

Cloudbridge Amphibian Survey
by Susan Cousineau, 2007

Cloudbridge Herpetological Survey
by Moses Michelsohn, Stephanie Sunderman, Pradip Ananda, Guy III (Trey) Kieckerhefer, Christopher Wilkinson, 2007

Zoological Studies – Avian

A Survey of Tropical Owl Population Density and the Vocal Behavior of the Mottled Owl (Strix Virgata) In a Partially Fragmented Cloud Forest Habitat
by Eugene D. Paradis, 2007

Avian Point Count Survey Proposal
by Debrupa Pathak, 2009

Avian Use of Forest Corridors Proposal
by Eugene Paradis, 2006

Avifauna Diversity at Cloudbridge
by Nathan Marcy, 2004

Avifaunal Diversity in Various Habitat Types in Costa Rican Montane Cloud Forest with the Implementation of CyberTracker
by Ryan Dibala, 2007

Bird Diversity at Cloudbridge: A Preliminary Report
by Nathan Marcy, 2007

Cloudbridge Bird Diversity and Distribution
by Nathan Marcy, 2007

Listing of Birds at Cloudbridge, 2003 – Present

Zoological Studies – Entomological

A Baseline Study of the Spider Fauna at a Costa Rican Cloud Forest Reserve
by Tina Peckmezian, 2009

Adaptations of Insects at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve
by Aiden Vey, 2007

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Proposal

Butterflies of Cloudbridge, Costa Rica
by Bob Yukich, 2009

Diversity and Abundance of Subsoil and Leaf Litter Invertebrates Across Different Levels of Disturbance in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest
by Emily Sheehan, 2007

Effects of Reforestation on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Diversity and Assemblage in Costa Rican Headwater Streams
by Andrew E. Memory, 2009

Listing of Insects at Cloudbridge, 2005 – Present

Odonata of Cloudbridge: An inventory of dragonflies and damselflies in various habitats
by Bridget Henning, 2008

The Lepidoptera Diversity of a Lower Mountain Cloud Forest In Costa Rica
by Sarah Rathbone, 2007

Zoological Studies – Mammalian

Bats of Cloudbridge
by Jill Fitzpatrick and Toby Jacobs, 2010

Monkey Survey by Laura Branagan, 2008 – Present

Small mammal assemblages at different levels of disturbance on the Cloudbridge Reserve
by Sergio Marrocoli, 2007


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